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Your Neighbourhood Pharmacy

We pride ourselves on providing critical services to all people in our community.


Our Motivation

The day we received the keys to the building, we were confronted with a telling statement, scrawled in graffiti right next to our front door:

“The reason I wear shades is so you can’t see the pain in my eyes”

It was a moment of clarity for us: we understood the writer’s pain and were reminded that so many people in our community could have authored this statement. Juniper Pharmacy was still months from opening, but the words we saw reminded us of the passion that had been building in us since our undergraduate days – a passion to provide exceptional pharmacy services to people either inside the pharmacy or out in the community.


Our Services

What powers our mission is to offer equitable access to culturally safe, stigma-free services built around the needs of the person and their community.

We aim to fulfill our mission every day as we serve the people who walk through our front door, helping them with:

  • Prescription Medication Dispensing
  • Delivery & Outreach Services
  • Vaccination Services
  • Compliance Packaging – Strip, Pouch, and Blister Packs
  • Mental Health
  • Medication Review and Drug Optimization Consultation
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Mobile Service

Community Outreach

We deliver products and services to those who are unable to make it to our store location.

We strive to understand the needs of our clients, so we can connect them to other experts and community organizations. Ultimately, it is our goal to utilize our safe, welcoming space to help people who don’t want us to “see the pain in their eyes”. It’s a great way to be more than “just your neighbourhood pharmacy”.